It is indisputable that ASSAB’s tool steel makes excellent manufacturing components. When the world-class range is used as finished components and applications, it yields far better results and longer lifespan than the conventional engineering and stainless steel.

ASSAB steel qualities contribute significantly to design optimisation, performance acceleration, maintenance cost reduction and overall economy. Choose to win from the start, choose the material with better properties.

ASSAB steel for components is particularly suitable for industries and applications with high demands on properties such as wear resistance, strength, corrosion and heat resistance.

For high wear resistance, certain grades for cold work tools, such as ASSAB XW-42, Caldie and ASSAB SuperClean series are especially well suited to withstand wear due to their structure containing hard phase particles.

When it comes to the show of strength, an ESR grade such as ASSAB 8407 Supreme has no comparison for its excellent high fatigue strength and cleanliness of steel.

Other star performers in the ASSAB product portfolio include Stavax ESR known for its unique combination of strength, corrosion resistance and durability; and Unimax, noteworthy for its wear resistance and heat resistance.

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